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Going to some gyms can be a bit intimidating with a lot of gym junkies. Panania Fitness Local is an awesome place for the everyday person who want to better themselves without feeling overawed by the surroundings. It has a comfort factor where you don’t feel intimidated by other people there. If you have ever felt unsure about going to the gym, then Fitness Local Panania is the place to go

Michael Martin, Fitness Local Panania Member

Wonderful community gym, friendly classes and staff. Parking always available and staff take the time to show new members equipment, correct technique and encourage them. The main thing is walking into a gym and feeling comfortable and I do feel that way at Panania Fitness Local. I would definitely recommend as I’ve have encouraged several people to do so already.

Natalie Xuereb, Fitness Local Panania Member

Fitness local Panania is an encouraging and a friendly space with lots of room to workout, with supportive trainers that actually push and support you.

Fitness Local Panania is different from other gyms from having more personal touches to the gym and that the trainers actually care about you.

Michelle Beatty, Fitness Local Panania Member

Fitness Local Panania is an awesome place! The personal trainers care about you and know what they are doing. I love it here!

Nicki Carr, Fitness Local Panania Member

FLP are helping me to become stronger, fitter & healthier, subsequently I am now more toned & very fit for my age. By attending the classes everyday & being committed to my fitness alongside the encouragement I receive from the staff members. I like walking into the gym & feeling totally safe. Fitness Local Panania gym has a very welcoming & friendly vibe.

Noelle Baillie, Fitness Local Panania Member

FLP have engaging staff and friendly gym members. I love the challenges they do. I’ve being doing PT for 2 years and my trainer has had the right balance between caring and pushing. My trainer has helped change my life! It’s a gym that isn’t full of posers. Staff are helpful & engaged. They take pride in their gym environment, keeping it neat and tidy. The general vibe is friendly and encouraging.

Ben Seedsman, Fitness Local Panania Member

Positive support is always available. Location is great and the staff are very helpful. I would recommend FLP because you meet other locals, that’s what I love about this place.

Loretta Smith, Fitness Local Panania Member

The gym is never too busy. The members and staff are nice. Great range of equipment and good quality. Plenty of squat racks. Great hours, quiet and low key. No egos. I would recommend FLP.

Nicholas Digenni, Fitness Local Panania Member

Fitness Local Panania is friendly and well maintained. The staff make you feel welcome. Never overcrowded. Good equipment and facilities. I would recommend FLP.

Garry Solway, Fitness Local Panania Member

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Silver (Gym Only)

From $1395weekly
  • Access to Fitness Local Gym

Gold (Gym+Classes)

From $1595weekly
  • Access to Gym and Fitness Local Classes


From $35weekly
  • Access to FIT and Fitness Local Classes, and Gym

All membership includes a personalized program alongside a 1-hour personal training complementary session. 3, 6 and 12 month upfront memberships available.

Seniors / Veterans

From $995weekly
  • Includes Silver Membership

School Memberships

From $1250weekly
  • Includes Silver Memberhip

Personal Training

From $60weekly
  • Includes Gold Membership and weekly PT

All membership includes a personalized program alongside a 1-hour personal training complementary session.

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