Terms and Conditions

Cooling Off Period
There is a seven (7) day cooling off period for all memberships. Any refund request must be in writing during the cooling off period and will be subject to a deduction of the administration fee and fees for the services utilised, except for medical incapacity, this must be validated by an official medical document.

Transferring Memberships
Upon written application and approval from management, Up-Front Memberships may be transferred to another person for a fee of $30. Approval may be withheld at management's absolute discretion.

  • Memberships

    PAID IN FULL MEMBERSHIPS ARE STRICTLY NON REFUNDABLE after the cooling off period, however you may transfer the remaining term of your membership to a friend or family member (transfer fees are applicable).

    BEE FREE DIRECT DEBIT MEMBERSHIPS can be cancelled in writing by completing a membership cancellation form with 30 days written notice (the minimum term must be completed). Weekly debit payments will continue to apply that fall within the thirty (30) day notice period. The Be Free membership is designed to offer greatly flexibility and access to all people in the local community wit out having to commit for 12 months.

Only memberships that have time-hold privileges may be put on time-hold. Time-hold request cannot be backdated. In exceptional circumstances, an application in writing to Management is required, and approval or disapproval for time-hold will be based on management's absolute discretion. In cases of physical incapacitation, a doctor's certificate will also be required.

  • Up-Front Memberships
    A maximum time-hold of six (6) weeks (12 month Up-Front membership) is available on these memberships only. A minimum time-hold of fourteen (14) days applies for any request.

    Time-hold is not available on Three (3) Month memberships.

  • Fortnightly Debit Memberships
    The minimum suspension period is two (2) weeks; maximum period is two (2) months. A minimum of five (5) business days notice is required to put fortnightly debits memberships on time-hold. Less than five (5) business day's notice may result in your next debit still being processed. The member, prior to the period of absence must complete a time-hold form otherwise the time-hold will not be processed. There is no fee of direct debit hold periods. Should you time-hold your direct debit membership you are aware this will alter your minimum term accordingly. In the case of temporary physical incapacity that is validated by a medical certificate, the same procedure will be followed, but the member for time-hold will incur no cost and not be time limited.

Membership Card
Membership cards are not transferable between people and must only be used by the person who it is issued to, and must be swiped on every visit. Failure to abide by this condition may lead to management withholding/terminating membership for patrons found to in breach of this condition. Replacement card - $10.00.

Club Rules
Members are requested to adhere to the Gym Rules and Code. The code covers aspects of safety, hygiene and etiquette in the facility and notices on policy are displayed within the centre.

Instructors are there to help you train safely and effectively. Please observe any instructions given regarding safe exercise technique and safe practice so neither yourself or others around you are put at risk. Children without clearance are not allowed on the fitness gym floor at any time.

FOOTWEAR: Footwear must be worn within the gym at all times.

TOWELS: For hygiene purposes, users must carry a personal towel while working out in all areas of the fitness centre. No sharing of towels will be allowed.

CENTRE RULES: I agree to abide by the rules set by Fitness Local in relation to the use of its facilities and to conduct myself appropriately and follow the reasonable directions of Fitness Local and its staff whilst I am on or about the premises. I acknowledge that if I fail to comply with any such rules or directions and otherwise engage in behavior which is offensive or disruptive to Fitness Local or other members, that I may be asked to leave the premises, forcibly removed if necessary and/or have my membership cancelled. In such case no refund of membership will be paid.

Age Restrictions
Persons under the age of sixteen (16) are not permitted in the gym at all times, unless a Exercise Consultation & Program has been purchased and a Doctor's clearance is provided, this must be validated by an official medical document. The child also must be accompanied by a paying adult eighteen (18) yrs or over and have a program designed by one of Fitness Local qualified staff.

Local Fitness Club Code:
Warm up adequately prior to training and cool down adequately afterwards. Immediately stop training and inform an instructor if you feel dizzy or unwell, if you feel any sudden, sharp pain or if you experience chest pain, light-headedness, abdominal discomfort, unusual fatigue or shortness of breath or palpitations.

Do not eat a large meal or drink alcohol less than two hours before starting to exercise but do not exercise on an empty stomach. Maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Avoid dehydration by drinking water / fluids frequently. Use plastic drinks bottles with secure tops to guard against spillage over electrical equipment or over the floor. Do not chew gum while training.

Do not use any equipment that you do not know how to use properly. Do not misuse the equipment. If you are unsure of any exercise, if you have never used free weights before, ask an instructor. It is essential that you know the correct technique as this enables you to train safely and effectively. Inductions can be booked at reception.

Check the equipment before you use it. If there is a problem, please report it to Fitness Local staff. If weights, pulleys or other moving parts become jammed, please inform a Fitness Local instructor. Do not attempt to free them yourself as weights or parts may fall unexpectedly.

All equipment e.g. benches, bars must be returned to the exercise station from which they originally came or should be stacked tidily away as appropriate. Barbells, dumbbells and discs must be replaced in their correct places on the racks and disc posts. Do not rest equipment against the mirrors.

Please wipe any sweat from benches, seats, handrails, consoles, mats etc. with the towels. Please do not leave used paper towels, empty drinks containers, chewing gum etc lying around or on equipment and do dispose of it in the rubbish bins provided.

Do not obstruct access to dumbbell racks, passageways, doorways, or fire exits. Avoid resting on weight machines between sets and do allow other users access to work in with you. "Right of way" belongs to the person who is performing the exercise. Do not distract anyone who is in the middle of an exercise and please give the performer a wide berth. Do not lean on the mirrors. Keep your head, hair; limbs and clothing clear of the moving parts of a machine. Make sure you position yourself correctly on the machine, that any selector pins are fully inserted and that the correct pin is used. Ensure any foot straps are secure.

Smith Machine: Read the instructions on latching and unlatching the bar. When using the Squat Rack or Smith Machine, set the safety stops to the appropriate level. Check that you have loaded the discs securely and evenly on the bar. Collars must be used on the free barbells. Make sure that these are fastened securely on the bar. Use safe lifting technique when handling weights and never select weights that you (and your spotters) may be unable to control. Concentrate on correct technique. Maintain good form throughout all your repetitions. Lower weights in a controlled manner. Do not let them crash onto the stack or onto the safety stops or onto the floor.

Participants will not be permitted into group exercise classes after the 10 minute warm up period. This is in consideration for their health and safety.

Liability and Risk
In consideration of being accepted as a member of Local Fitness Centre each member, EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES that (subject only to gross negligence on the part of Fitness Local staff or management, being the direct cause of any loss, damage or injury to occur) each member will enter upon the Fitness Local premises and surrounds and/or will participate in the programs, utilise the equipment and/or take advantage of the services offered therein absolutely at his or her own risk, such that each member RELEASES AND DISCHARGES Fitness Local, its management, staff and contractors from liability for loss, damage or injury which may be sustained by a member in such manner, or under such circumstances.

The acknowledgment of liability and risk by each member and the release from liability for Fitness Local, its management staff and contractors, as set out above, is in addition to and not in substitution for any other membership condition.